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One fine day

One fine day

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Joanna is adrift and suffers acutely from unfulfilled longings. She feels alienated from her family: her older sister ignores her, her mother has a drinking problem, and her father works for the company that makes Agent Orange, the wartime defoliant. It's the seminal year 1969, and the upheavals of that time are the backdrop: war, protests, sexual freedom, generational divisions, all brought vividly to life.

When she meets Lucien, a seductive French musician, he quickly becomes a risky obsession. She pursues him against all logic, and takes us on a wild ride in one misadventure after another, some comic, many out of her control, most of her own making.  One Fine Day takes readers back to that era of turmoil, angst and self-seeking. But it’s a timeless story of love and loss, moving on, and growing up.

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