Between a Rock and Dark Place

The victim’s brash style rubbed many the wrong way, and the investigating sheriff, Spike Stryker, soon compiles an eclectic list of possible suspects: his unpaid contractor, a resentful neighbor, his bipolar chef, a bitter businesswoman, his teenage biracial mistress, his wife. And behind the county’s pastoral veils, a suspicious, clannish population inhabits the forested hollows. Each interview the sheriff conducts slowly reveals the story behind the rise and fall of Daniel Perrault and leads to a motive and the killer. A twist at the end, however, makes clear absolution will never occur, for anyone.

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“the list of suspects seems never-ending . . . and it seems almost every resident could have their own motive for the murder.” Read More

“Riveting crime drama a real page-turner” Read More

“An intriguing tale of the search for a killer unfolds in a bucolic rural setting. Death and beauty go hand in hand in this well-told narrative. Adding depth to the story is the juxtaposition of urban wealth and rural simplicity. What appears on the surface belies what’s happening behind the scenes.” Read More

“A beautifully crafted novel from first page to last, “Between a Rock and a Dark Place” is as clever as its title and showcases author Suzanne Schiffman’s total mastery of the mystery genre and impressive flair . . .” Read More

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